Los Pleneros de la 21: Christmas in El Barrio
Sunday, December 10 at 6pm

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The Buchwald Theatre

Buchwald Theatre's Grand Lobby
Leonard and Claire Performining Arts Center at Brooklyn College

The beautifully appointed, two-hundred seat Buchwald Theatre is located in the new Leonard and Claire Tow Performing Arts Center on the Brooklyn College campus. The theatre and entire new wing was designed by the multiple award-winning team of Pfeiffer Partners Architects. The theatre itself is a state-of-the-art performance space with a clean, ultra-moden look while retaining the classic proscenium arch of traditional theatre design that includes a dual-level orchestra lift and a motorized acoustic "shell" used for music ensembles. The archetects have given the space an airy, expansive feel with its high ceiling, sloped, widely-space seating and by adding tiered seating along the side walls reminiscent of the box seats of traditional theatres and opera houses. An intricate, alternating bas-relief pattern on the walls, while unique and attractive, functions as an effective acoustic treatment that along with movable acoustic panels, will enhance music clarity and speech intelligibility.

The Buchwald will be the home for many of the concerts, theatrical productions and films of Brooklyn College's School of Visual, Media and Performing Arts departments -- the Conservatory of Music, the Department of Theatre and the Film Department, as well as hosting some events in the Performing Arts Center's calendar season. While this is a spectacular new facility, it is apropo to note that aportion of the venerable George Gershwin Theatre's original stage has been retained as part of the new theatre's physical structure, thus forming a real metaphysical continumum between the great artists that once appeared before the footlights here and the new and upcoming talents yet to flower.

Entrance, Leonard and Claire Tow Center for the Performing Arts and the Buchwald Theatre