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After a performance has started, those patrons arriving late will be admitted into the theatre at appropriate times specifiedby and at the discretion of the artists and the House Manager. Closed circuit displays are situated in the Grand Lobby so latecomers may watch the performance until the Late Seating interval.


Turn all personal electronic devices and cell phones to OFF (not to VIBRATE). A cell phone inadvertantly left on and ringing or vibrating buzzor ascreen lighting up during a peformance can disturb many fellow patrons. A lit screen can be just as offensive as the sound of a ring or vibration buzz, so NO TEXTING. So please, turn these devices fully OFF before entering the theatre so you do not forget.


NYC law prohibits smoking ANYWHERE within the Performing Arts Complex; the City University of New York has instituted a Smoke Free Campus Program at all CUNY campuses including Brooklyn College; there is no smoking allowed in any of the buildings and likewise smoking is not permitted outside on the campus grounds.

Food, Drinks

No outside food is allowed in the facilities. Items purchased at our concessions counter, with the exception of bottled water, may only be consumed in the theatre's Grand Lobby -- food and other beverages are not allowed in the theatre proper.

Parcels, Bags

The Theatre Management reserves the right to require youto open personal bags and knapsacks for inspectionas a condition of entry to the theatre. Our Security Personnel at its sole discretion may require that some items not be allowed into the theatre.

Recordings, Cameras

Film or digital cameraswill be not allowed into the theatre. Use of any recording device, including cell phones, to record an event will result in the user being ejected without a refund.

Coat Check

We DO NOT provide a Coat Check in any of our theatres.

Children and Mature Content

Except where noted, Brooklyn Center performances are recommended for a general audiences. However, as an advisory to adults who might bring young people, we recommend paying particular attention to any warnings within thedescription of the event on this site. When appropriate, live performances will also carry general advisories as to language and/or sexual content within the description of the event in the program and at the Box Office.


During certain children's shows and especially during graduations, vendors will sell balloons outside the entrance gates of the campus. Please DO NOT purchase balloons before the show because they absolutely will NOT be allowed into the theatre building and you will only have to forfeit the balloons. We will not hold balloons for you while you are in the theatre. Purchase balloons only AFTER the event on the way OUT of the campus.


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Jason Mraz & Raining Jane in All Five BoroughsMetrohybrid & Live Nation Present
Jason Mraz & Raining Jane in All Five Boroughs
The Conservatory OrchestraThe Conservatory of Music of Brooklyn College Presents
The Conservatory Orchestra
Charles Mee's "Big Love"Brooklyn College Department of Theatre Presents
Charles Mee's "Big Love"