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EVERYBODY'S Magazine and Herman Hall Communications Present

Oliver Samuels' "Four Can't Play"

May 20

Oliver Samuels' "Four Can't Play"

Four Can’t Play is a new exhilarating comedy-drama from Oliver Samuels. On stage with Oliver are three veterans of Jamaican theater, Ruth Ho Shing, Dennis Titus and Maylynne Lowe.

Four Can’t Play is written by Basil Dawkins. "My new play is a rip-roaring comedy,” Dawkins told the British press. The popular play is directed by Douglas Prout and Toni Kay Dawkins.

The Story:
One young couple is planning to divorce; an elderly couple is planning to get married. They share adjoining rooms at a hotel weekend retreat for married and soon to be married couples. The real problems of their impending marriage and divorce are more frankly "trashed" out at the hotel’s poolside than at the counseling seminars to hilarious effect. The play is suitable for the entire family.

The Stage Manager for this production: Veronique Smith.

Cast Photo: L to R --Ruth Ho Shing, Maylynne Lowe, Oliver Samuels and Dennis Titus

Brooklyn Center is not the producer of this event.

Tickets: $60

Event Schedule

Saturday, May 20, 8:00pm

Walt Whitman Theatre

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