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The Brooklyn College Department of Theater Presents

April Ranger's "Must Wash Hands"

April Ranger's "Must Wash Hands"


It’s closing time at a local bar. What happens when all the guests leave? For Ruta and Lucy, surrounded and emboldened by food and booze, a quiet and empty restaurant is the environment where love may finally feel possible. An urgent intimacy ensues. But the actions of a close friend force each woman to consider the cost of loyalty and the stakes of trust. How does a community respond to the violence of one individual? In Must Wash Hands, we’re asked to consider which work is more difficult: the work of embracing, or the work of letting go?

A MainStage Production: "The next Dept of Theatre production: Dec
Directed by Anna Strasser

The next Dept of Theatre production: "Neighborhood 3:Requisition of Doom" - Dec 8-12

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