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Brooklyn College Department of Theatre Presents

Heloise Wilson's "LaFolie"

Heloise Wilson's "LaFolie"

Artwork: Joseph Loguirato


“In 1962 in a Nanterre, a city 6 miles from Paris, there were around seventeen slums. Ten thousand people from Algeria, Morocco, Tunisia, Spain and Portugal were living without electricity, heat and water in less than one square mile for about twenty years. The slum was named after a nearby transition called La Folie — which translates to insanity.”Deftly plotted with a mixture of personal interviews and heart-wrenching slices of life, La Folie shows us the struggle of displaced people living with great grace, pride and rage. Each generation must reckon with it’s own sense of identity and responsibility — to help those in need, or protect what we deem as our own interests.In this place, or from this place, the playwright tells the story of some stuff that did happen and some stuff that could have happened in La Folie.

Directed by Laura Tessman

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