Celebrate the oncoming arrival of spring
with Brooklyn Center's
5th Annual Lunar New Year Celebration!

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Campus Map

Map detail of Brooklyn College campus

1. Student Center
2. Whitehead Hall
3. Topfer Library Cafe
4. Boylan Hall
5. James Hall
6. West Quad Center
7. Heating and Chiller Plants
8. West End Building
9. Roosevelt Hall
10. Roosevelt Hall Extension
**** Studio 312
**** Studio Theatre 307

11. Ingersoll Hall
12. Ingersoll Hall Extension
13. Library
14. Walt Whitman Theatre
*** The New Workshop Theatre

15. Future Site of Leonard & Claire Tow Center for the Performing Arts (opening 2015)
16. Tanger Hillel House
17. Newman Catholic Center
18. Residence Hall
19. Future Site of Koppelman Hall

Detail of the Walt Whitman and New WorkshopTheatres
in relationship to the Brooklyn College campus